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Hofstra’s Music Fest

Want to see what went down at Music Fet 2013? Check out the video below!

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What Was the Best Performance at Music Fest?

Hofstra’s Music Fest had something for everyone, ranging from new alternative act Twenty One Pilots, to rising rapper Joey Bada$$, to 90s hit Third Eye Blind. But who were students looking forward to, and once the festival was done, who did they like the most? Check it out! Follow the link for the full, interactive infographic.



Infographic courtesy of Elisa Tang.

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What Did Social Media Think of Music Fest?

Hofstra’s Music Fest Had a Soundtrack for Everyone!
Hofstra University is known for having an eclectic lineup of artists in its annual Hofstra Music Fest every spring. This year, Hofstra Entertainment and Hofstra Concerts appealed to fans of rising rap star, “Joey Bada$$,” and the popular 90’s band, “Third Eye Blind.” It was a fest for all the rest! Storify helped to put together what students were saying about Music Fest on social media.
  1. Local band “Persona” got the crowd pumped and ready for the jamming festival. The band was excited to open for the show and were also equally ecstatic to watch the headliner, “Third Eye Blind!” The “Persona” mates stayed on the field for the entire Fest, giving away CDs and tee-shirts to spread the word about their music!
  2. The winner of the 2013 Hofstra’s Battle for Music Fest, “TuNe$” had his first performing debut at the event! The rapping senior has been passionately devoted to his rapping since Middle School.
  3. Hofstra alum and semifinalist on Season Two of NBC’s ‘The Voice’ was the energetic host and performer! While students cheered for Willett’s fun and soulful singing, Willett also had fun sharing her backstage view of the other artists on social media, like Vine!
  4. @3eb #hofstramusicfest
  5. “Twenty One Pilots” is an up-in-coming Alternative Rock band on MTV’s 2013 “Artists to Watch” list, and after their unique, energetic, interactive performance at Hofstra Music Fest, many students were saying they were a new favorite band.
  6. Another artist on MTV’s 2013 “Artists to Watch” list is the Brooklyn rapper “Joey Bada$$.” He caused quite a stir at the Music Fest when his performance ran longer than it was supposed to, but there was still plenty of cheering from the audience!
  7. Hofstra students ended the Fest by reminiscing in memories from the 90s, with the headliner, “Third Eye Blind!”
  8. third eye blind played music fest today at hofstra. its safe to say i feel sooo 90s now #hehe
  9. The crowd chants “one more song” and @3eb is back for an encore #HofstraMusicFest
  10. Relive Hofstra Music Fest by checking out our photos from the event! Make sure to tag your friends.
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Hofstra Music Fest- Who Put It Together?

For those who hold the Spring Music Festival dear to heart and are involved in the planning process, the festival becomes more than a tradition, but also an opportunity to show what Hofstra PRIDE is truly all about “and I hope that students,” says Program Advisor Michael Caputo “appreciate just how unique that is.”

Michael Caputo, along with Sarah Young, is in charge of overseeing the planning process of the Spring Music Festival being that the event is student run. Then, the students have the liberty of planning the event itself, determining what they would like to see and go about making it happen, which is where the Office of Student Leadership Activities (OSLA) comes in.

Caputo and Young, from OSLA, are in charge of providing general oversight when it comes to making vendor payments, facilitating contracts and providing work orders; which, is described by Caputo as “the most tedious part of the job.” On the other hand, he says, “the most enjoyable part is actually seeing the event occur and watching the students enjoy the day that they have planned.”

Ironically, although the unfolding of the planning process the day of the event is rewarding for both the adults and students involved, the student organizers say that the day of is equally, if not more stressful. Specifically, Julia of Hofstra Concerts, states that the day of the festival is when the literal unfolding of the stage, tents and games takes place hours before the event. Then, the students are also working throughout the event itself ensuring the safety on the field and making sure the program is running smoothly. Finally, they briefly enjoy bits of the performances and go on to break down all that they set up after every person has left their mark with left behind napkins, empty cups and inflated beach balls.

Still, both student organizations involved in planning MusicFest, Hofstra Entertainment and Hofstra Concerts, showed genuine excitement and passion for this past Saturday’s festival. Also, they were able to contract a wide array of artists including a gentleman who calls himself Joey Bada$$, a small arising band named Persona and musical duo from Ohio, Twenty One Pilots. In addition, although they did not release the name of the headlining band when asked weeks prior to the show, Third Eye Blind was the grand finale of the evening.

Essentially, although the planning process is a 365-day process, which includes attention to details such as contracts and artists bids, the “MusicFest is a tradition that is very significant;” says Michael Caputo “it provides students with an end of the year celebration and gives students a few more happy memories to take with them into summer.”

This year, as I stood along many seniors who were experiencing their first and last MusicFest, I was able to see what Michael Caputo meant. From henna tattoos to singing along to Jumper by Third Eye Blind, the 2013 Spring Music Festival was full of adventure, leaving students refreshed and joyous as they headed towards their dorms to study for the finals week that lied ahead.

Furthermore, we were able to experience time together as a community thanks to the environment that the hard work and efforts of Hofstra Entertainment, Hofstra Concerts and the Office of Student Leadership and Activities, and for that- we are truly grateful.

2013-05-04 18.32.07

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Music Fest VuVox

On May 4th, 2013, Hofstra University hosted their annual Spring Music Fest, featuring performances by several bands including Twenty One Pilots, Joey Bada$$, and Third Eye Blind. Music Fest is a free, all-day, outdoor event for all Hofstra students and features rides, games, free food, and, of course, live music.

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Top Ten Majors

Worried about student loans? Ready for freshman year or preparing to graduate?Wondering if your major will end up paying off? Here’s an infographic with the starting salaries for the top ten highest paying majors, according to Forbes. While I’m sad that Journalism didn’t make the list, it’s really cool to see how much recent graduates can make based on what they study. Click the link above or click on the picture to enlarge it.

finished infographic

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