State of the Union Live Blog

10:15- Obama ends, shakes hands with VP Biden and Speaker Boehner. Camera immediately cuts to coverage of California fugitive.

10:10- Families of those affected by gun violence shown, audience erupts in applause over support for gun control.

10:08- Gun control, 2nd amendment brought up. Obama mentions Hadiya Pendelton, Inaugural performer killed in Chicago.

10:04- Benefits for military members and their families, includes gay members and partners. Mentions women in combat, Veterans Affairs.

10:03- Obama mentions war in Syria, continuing peace with Israel. Mentions Middle East trip next month.

10:02- Speech moves towards helping those in poverty around the world, especially those affected by AIDS.

10:01- President announces trade partnership with EU.

10:00- President declares executive order signed today that strengthens cyber security.

9:59- Speech moving toward foreign policy, preventing countries from securing nuclear weapons. President then mentions cyber-terrorism, hackers, attacks.

9:58- President addresses North Korean hostility, threats. Then goes on to mention Iran.

9:56- President promises to end war in Afghanistan and bring troops home. Declares Al-Quaeda a “shadow of its former self.”

9:51- Minimum wage planned to rise to $9

9:47- Immigration reform mentioned, crowd rises for standing ovation, Speaker Boehner remains seated.

9:46- President continues with education plan, mentions Germany where students graduate high school with the equivalent of a technical degree. Focus on improving education system.

9:42- President promises to send all children to pre-school for free, especially poor/low-income children (side note- I’m watching with 3 other college students, and we all attended pre-school).

9:39- President mentions education briefly amidst energy talk, moves back to economy/infrastructure.

9:36- speech still focused on energy

9:33- shift to energy, especially renewable energy bringing jobs to America

9:32- President promises to bring all jobs back to America

9:27- President emphasizing tax reform to encourage job growth.

9:25- President Obama lays out policy plans, including healthcare, education, help for low-income families, and deficit reduction- will include more taxes on wealthy to save necessary programs.

9:18- “The state of our union is stronger.”

9:17- President Obama announces that after decade of war, “brave men and women are coming home.” Moves on to economy.

9:16- President Obama opens SOTU, begins with JFK quote

9:15- Speaker Boehner introduces the President, more applause

9:15- Applause, standing ovation continue

9:14- President Obama reaches the platform, shakes hand with VP Biden and Speaker Boehner

9:13- President still making his way down the aisle

9:10- President Obama enters, shaking hands and greeting people as he makes his way down the aisle, smiling. Obama is followed by Harry Reid and Eric Cantor.

9:10- House Sergeant introduces President to the House Chamber,

9:09- everyone in audience stands in preparation for President’s entrance

9:00- First Lady Michelle Obama enters, followed by cabinet

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